COSMIC THINKER - Ode to the impossible


I was dancing within my thoughts, until my mind was sour and left completely to itself

It was not so strange for me to date the dark and kiss the soft-spoken breath, old-aged

memories chased my quietness and let me fall into raging sadness, I was dancing around

myself and my unbeatable solitude, I felt no fear of the strangers and passers-by

I met along my way, I purposedly missed the last bus on the way back home, and

now I was miles away from the city, I couldn't hear a proper sound, nothing more

than soffocating, "intoxicating" silence, I was tempted to dive into it and erase every

part of myself, no gravity law, no law at all, no me and no you. For a while at least

I couldn't feel my feet stuck on the earth, I felt the Planet move and nervously

shaking around my sweet, innocent unconsciousness... I decided to get into a walk,

a very long walk, I chose the "Fallen Angel Path", just an immersion into the unknown,

no matter what would happen to me, or if I might get hurt... because there is no major,

grand pain than indifference, my dear, for sure...........

Sweet, glamouring trumpets draw faintly harmonious lines of weeping melody,

they get started breathing and then progressively lifting their smooth but

enjoyable power, I can feel miles away the pain of old composers battling

against their impossible, wildly infected ego, those wounds like bleeding injuries

along their memories, they lost themselves into seas of frustration and illusions,

while the world was regularly turning they madly screamed and danced stuck

in their rooms, stuck in their self-destructive beliefs and stuck forever.......

And here I am, finally, awoken from my visions and monsters, here in

HAZEY JANE PARK, Park of disillusion and disillusioners, lost poets tragicably

fallen into every kind of excesses, "stonedly" in love with ladies who murdered

them in most atrocious way, leaving them with hope and faith, and the second

after poisoning them with a deadly indifference....... Ooooooooooooohhhh....

Shall we weep altogether before fading away and give the rising Moon a reason

to cry upon our bohemien souls?...... good-old-and-nice fellows died young for the

pleasure of nothing, if still life means something.

Hope I will find sooner or later a cloud to take me away... and sure I won't

ever think about quitting it and going back to false promises and evil intentions..........

No grief, and no distress.... Here I stand.... and here I would like to stay forever..............

until clouds slowly fade into the raising, overwhelming Sun.........


...and one day ...one day I'll be a shiny breath of gentle, warm wind kissing your perfect lips,

grazing your shy crying....... and I will dance with you till the end of our dream..........





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