....wake up and look outside the window, cracked Sun in the middle of

the grey-darkened sky, how many strangers around me, my room so

crowded, all those blokes staring at my mad face, they see in me a

borderline guy to kill, they soon will let me fade away, I'll be certainly

soon forgotten by all the people I know and love, no more room for me,

no more fun for us, all those pollutioned thoughts

that are driving me insane, don't get them allowed to possess my

golden brain, I know you're trying to convince me you're still watching

ghosts while they're wawing goodbye to you, laughing at your face,

...and in the meanwhile someone perfectly in tune is singin' his very own

desperation, acting like a good-old-fashioned hipster, deadly captured

by an eventful, glory-charged past, kissed for just a while by

the golden rays of a momentary fragment of reason, unique seconds,

for a unique guy who's about to give all he can, before disappearing

into the Enchanted Wood mastered by mad trees falling upon his head,

it's all like a decadent, scattered, highly aenigmatic dream, full of dramas

and gentle insanity, we all are about to fall victims beneath their shadows,

woods with no beginning, woods with no ending,  thousands of heads filled

up with "whys" and "hows"....... I try to grab every second of my life to

redeem some old sins but the surface is far and pretty unreachable,

I see faces, I hear voices, I'm listening to music, now, then I fall into

the void, I wake up again and I soon fall asleep, into a dangerous,

murderous sleep, my innocence is dead, he lies down into the grave,

inside a chilling coffin, spoiled, raped, vanished like dust spread by

cold winds and eerie laments of death and infinitive madness.............

joyful screams and air-splitting laughs of children in ecstatic power

are the glimmering light that guides this day to unusual brightness,

while a wonderfully dark, decadent Bowie is being played on the radio

station, singing "his pretty things"... all those things I have forgotten

so far.... all those things I no longer see.... for sure I won't ...............

I still think sometimes of cracking actors and dead stars, I relate

to all of those glamourous names, that's the only clear track I know,

because I'm not able anymore to look after my visions or see a new

life for me, betrayed by my insane dreams of modern unknown soldier

sentenced to a premature death............

....after all, it will be like getting murdered for the nth time............




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