...3:45: still dancing in the moonlight

London, 12th July 2001, a night to remember


...and I've just passed your face, while chocolate stains are being stuck on my lips, trying to forget the previous night, it's hot, a hot early summer night, 3.15 a.m., and I'm still on the streets, and the bloody wind is scattering my body, while I'm desperately waiting for the first night bus, here in London, 12th July 2001, alone but not afraid of the dark, only scared about you and your impressing voice inside my head, crumblin' and tumblin' like a furious hurricane in a desert land, I've already got past Leicester Square, on the way back to the college, I should have taken the last underground train, but I got stuck in a heavy traffic called "confusion", and then illusion, that pretty face, so singular and captivating, like a Devil possessing a fragile, weak-minded body, she unwittingly tried to waste my night and, perhaps, my journey...but who cares, after all, I'm here, running to catch the bloody 147 to take me home...finally... I do not feel fear of the city, I'm in love with it and with the apparently menacing darkness, I'm safe and the "street sound" is right... I'm listening to a rocking guitar solo blistering my ears and leaving me torn but crazily happy, I would  jump on and on over the rainy roads, harmoniously accompanied by an elastic and sensual opening bass riff that reminds me glorious bands from the Seventies; time has stopped, suddenly I become jealous of this rare moment of melancholic loneliness, I start dreaming of that young lady met before, "I don't know you but I love you", I would be ready to scream... let her hear my mad words of love, I'll be your man on the corner, 'till the bus comes and takes me away, while the music still is on the air, colouring the obscurity of expressive emotions and gentle comedy, here is my theatre and my stage, and you'll be my partner, dancing under the warm rain, and slipping from side to side of these desolate streets... Moon is watching us, while I fall into your eyes and taste the glamour of your tears, my funny companion. The day won't exist, and the show will never end... like two great, wonderfully decadent actors prisoners of their play and  tragic love-drama.

...3:45 a.m., and I'm still dancing in the moonlight...




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