Time had warned me, I would be a rare case, and nothing more

Time had warned me, I would be nothing but a deep thinker,

as for my life I would not find a true love, just a rare, rare

kind of pain, a pain turned into grief, and grief turned into cronic

sadness, I managed to see my face in the mirror, while

crying like a misunderstood, little poor child, son of nature but

enemy to love and difficult to lovers.

Time had warned me, I would not be the same, after thousands

of nervous breakdowns, all counted down through my spine,

today I'm weak, tomorrow I'll be stuck in my bedroom, thinking

of the impossible, of course, while the others joyfully fall in love...

I'll be nastily crunching a piece of bread while a nice couple is

augmenting their love passion, the man outside the door is deeply

kissing her beloved sweetheart, and the night is coming to an

end, while for them is getting very near the start, the start

of a memorable next-to-come love night.... They'll be flying, for

sure, I'll be sinking, once more, sorrow will accompany me along

this unsure, obscure path, bringing me gentle madness, taking me

nowhere. Their laugh is my epitaph, their huge love my grave,

see them getting smart kisses, I can "feel" for just one second,

the warm touch of long and astounding embraces, I would like

to be there, but sadly I'm only here, the distance appears to be

so short, for me it's nothing but one thousand miles.

They joke and they scream while you are silently dying, no-one

here seems to respect your gorgeous, unbeatable silence.

I wish I could run faster than light, even faster than my memories,

faster than faster, reaching things that have got no name, and

maybe they ever won't, because to the world I'm a nameless guy

with a faceless identity.

And I'll keep counting my sweet clouds, while the others just

keep counting the number of their kisses.

Touch a cloud for me, my friend.




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