...and I fell in love with a strange land, strange but tremendously "off"

desperately trying to escape from me... me and my spirit corrupted, now "kidnapped" by

a "never-felt-before" atmosphere... such a WEIRD atmosphere; it soon came down and possessed me...

The stunning blue of that sea was stamped in my weak eyes, soon I felt like

wishing falling in love with unknown creatures landed on the strange land.

Imagination was not an ordinary imagination. Reality was not reality.

They both were fused together into one highly distinctive thing.

My split heart was faraway and my pain just a weak memory; I had definitely

fallen in love again. But no girl. No woman. No pain. No hysterism. No deep cry.

No broken heart. Just me and that haunting village. It seemed to me to

have been taken out of my consciousness, out of myself. Out of time.

I had no intention to get back to where I was supposed to belong. I was

sad, torn and frayed, but miracoulously alive. My inspiration led me to

the unbelievable Eden; the warm sand was in my veins, the sea mixed

in my tears, the sky underneath my feet.

In the following evening, I got stuck in that little intense amount of

Earth, touchingly staring at a stage on which a concert was being held.

The singer's voice was thick and loud, but gentle on her own, while

a soft, sensual rain was falling down on my head; no worries, it was

just about the most pleasant and welcome rain of all my existence.

The time was not my time; those people seemed to come from nowhere.

I couldn't get it right but everything was so right that I did not dare to

give up fancying, right up to the moment my troubled but everlastingly

wandering mind would stop and had me say "it's all over" - let's go

to bed. A brand new day is about to rise".

And the memory of that trip to Saint Ives would haunt me


Pleased, so pleased I won't ever be able to forget the ethereal,

spacey-like daydreaming of that magic night in St. Ives.

My VERY OWN magic night in St. Ives.

No one will take me away from that day...!




...still daydreaming in St. Ives..... still in love with it....


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