I was grazin' the Big Red Tenement Walls, and sweeping along the scraped walls, whispering confessions, delivering weird suggestions... I was to climb the heights of thought, and sending myself to the not-known, silently vomiting anger and desperation, foolishly expecting salvation, I realised I was orphan of myself, unsteadily walking through the path of "Once Dead Soldiers", grasping as if being 50 years old... My tears started flooding my dirty white trousers, stains of coffee in my shirt, stains of deadly refusals stuck down into my heart. I could not hear the scratchin' laughs of younger ladies, desperately chased by "sex-starved" men, my raucous couphing suffocated those youngster's unjustified happiness... I went back to the Cheriton Hotel, and threw myself over the bed... Disgracing bad smell of heavily sweatin' arms and feet was the only thing clearly perceivable... I turned off the light and started licking my wounds, these latter the only remarkable result from the nth psycho-woman after a bleeding psycho-night, me wounded animal victim of her shallow snobbism and blistering prejudice, she vulgarly spat on my face and began to offend my innocence, my true feelings and passion... murdered, once more, and now darkness is about to kidnap my lost senses and steal my very last glimpses of illusion, while I was dying of staggering, threatening imagination, overwhelming imagination... my only companion left, before getting swallowed by the lashes of my ungovernable pride, pride gone destroyed and scattered all around the empty, chilling room... the glow of the up-coming summer is announcing me I will get prisoned in a castle of raw, possessing beliefs, while the ringin' bell of solitude seems to scrape through my dead ears.... I'm waiting, now, for the minstrel singin' old folkish tunes in memory of his long-gone lover. I'm still standing on the "Old Grey Monaster's Chapel", watching, staring at him, to me and my irrevocable madness lighting symbol of loners and un-beloved, refused humans... still there... still expecting to rush to Dam Square and have a dance with "The Goddess of Death"...




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