Your love is a secret demand, you're scared but your lips so sweet and your smile powerful and magnetical, I can stand here alone and see you go away without even having held you tight for a second, I'll never waste this moment, I'll never throw this memory, I'll never... ever... Can I tell you I love you?... such a silly phrase for a silly caprice,  please, do not start crying, because I will either, letís find our love a shelter behind that corner, so joyfully the rain is pouring on me and you, us, like two weird runaways, anxiously waiting for the first sheer moment of unconfessed, subliminal passion, until our hearts stop beating and all our memories are carried away, carried by the frozen wind that is sharpening our frail and gaunt souls, I canít stop, darling, floating

around and roaring like a thunderbolt, flashing high through the sky, Iím a diamond lightening a darkened city... Iím ready to warm you and your crying has stopped, itís time to fulfill our secret command, and declare the world a new star is hung on the sky, staring at us, while we fall in love like two mad lovers in an old-aged movie of the Thirties, sure we wonít be forgotten, sure this will be our own corner forever.

Dive into me, and forget everything you know, donít say a word, your touch, my touch, an infinitive sense of peace and stunning wonder are about to take us away, and, sure, the day will no longer be a day. waiting for a sweet, smooth, gentle death wrapping us in a peaceful embrace, giving us the eternity we have always searched in life. And now angels, we will fly to very top of Golden Eden, no-one has seen us, no-one has been a witness and no-one is here. ...here, there, everywhere I will heed your call and Iíll run to you, and we will fall in a deep kiss that will last forever. Never wake up, it might be a dream, it might not. I donít know anymore where we are, but I can vow and shout, darling:

ďYouíll be my eternityĒ.




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