I just found you, down on the street, I was bored and tired of roaming,
I soon passed you, you were a spit away, I could have got you, but
you ran away, and I stood under a warm rain, in a hot summer night,
I had a terrible strain, I was there and I was alone, standing like
a fool, or maybe I should say like a restless man waiting for his bloody
bus. Keep waiting, I keep waiting, and my girl is up there, fancying
of dating me, I would like to touch her dried lips, and "have" a hot kiss.
You were the impossible, and I was the crazy nice fellow running for it, I'm your Mr. Unknown, just a fool standing there all alone, wet outside but soaked inside... It's a senseless song, for a senseless guy, in a senseless night... I keep fancying, I keep waiting, I keep kissing you...
That's a shady love on the "white corner" in an unexisting world.
And I felt as nothing as ever.
Blow me away, baby!


Telemaco "Dried-Lips" Pepe


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