I tried to touch people, but they didn't want to touch me
I tried to reach people, but they soon turned away
I tried to love those people but they didn't care and turned back
I tried to talk to people but they did ignore me and laughed at me
I tried.... but I died....

I was at the party, I was in front of the big fire
I was high and dry, I was over the moon and I didn't know why
I was there, thinking of the impossible, thinking of kissing a lady
...what a fool, it was just a stupid second, I soon closed my eyes
I started dreaming, dreaming of her, but she didn't exist...
After an hour I was still there, but I was empty, still dry but dead...

Just a quick hallo and a just as quick goodbye, that was the order
that was that feast, I was over but the game still kept on going...
I was on my knees, but no-one could see me... it was all in my head...
That's not just a dream, I wanted to scream, my game was over...

Girls around boys and boys around girls, I was the fool standing there
looking stone crazy and fucking alone, just walking on my own......
Later on they would make love. I only would go back home. The party is over.

I came back home at 3:30 and made my mind up, still thinking of dreaming
...still thinking of dying.......
The only thing I could do was having a coffee. It was 3:55.
Then I went straight to bed and I was so tired I could not get started crying...........
My mind stopped thinking, stopped dreaming, stopped everything.

I was dead and no-one close to me.
One thing, I know: maybe tomorrow I will cry for someone I don't even know.
But no-one will cry for me.

Just leave me alone.



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