Intelligence without determination and/or personality goes nowhere. Determination or personality without intelligence goes immediately sinking.

Once I was asked: "We have heard a lot about being trasgressive.... we have heard too much about Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison as godfathers of trasgression... but... tell me... WHO was the REAL trasgressive one...? WHERE lies the difference...?..." Well, I replied as follows: "The difference between Jagger    and Morrison is much simpler to explain than you may think: they both performed at the ED SULLIVAN SHOW, both having to follow precise and immutable instructions. Here's the point: JAGGER was obliged not to sing the real verses of LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER and sang, in fact, LET'S SPEND SOME TIME TOGETHER... MORRISON was told not (ABSO-LUTELY) to sing the verses "TRY TO SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE (probably judged a "criminal verse" for the time and especially for the hyper-religious americans)... contrary to Jagger he SANG ALL THE VERSES PROPERLY.... "... TRY TO SET THE NIGHT ON ..FIREEEEEEE...".... That's what made Jim Morrison completely different from all the other performers of that time... HE WAS THE ABSOLUTE OUTLAW among a legion of smaller outlaws.... He made Elvis Presley look like a child laughing and playing with his mother in the park.... while the King Lizard fucked whores and injected heroin into his veins like milk given to a crying child....


Talent is for normal, ordinary people; genius is only for the great ones.


Mad-induced people may be criminal, from one side, and innocent from the other side: they are criminal when they perfectly know the causes concerning their madness; they're plain innocent in case they do not know or have no possibility to get to know what causes their own madness.

Life is all but anything the others say and do.


I have read and heard a little bit too much about meanings concerning Intelligence and ways of measuring the so-called I.Q. I don't have such many contributions to give to this cause... The only thing left for me is to make such a statement, by saying nowadays INTELLIGENCE IS NOT WHOLLY MEASURABLE, because it CANNOT BE measurable...IT MUST NOT be measurable...... ... like, say, you can quantify how many litres men drink a day or how much sex they do in one month... but Intelligence...noooo... it may be everything but something quantifiable... Just think about it: HOW and WHEN can you quantify your ego, your intuitions, your anger or your natural abilities?... It's simply IMPOSSIBLE. IMPOSSIBLE!!... Probably one day we will have a magnificent instrument called IQ-NOMETRON... a machine able to measure one person's intelligence with no need to get IQ-tested... but mine is a mere illusion.... it's about to gradually fake... and disappear quite soon...... HOW can you quantify or "count" such powers as FANCY, IMAGINATION, PERSONALITY or OTHER NATURAL ABILITIES... it's,both scientifically and humanly, IMPOSSIBLE.

...now you can raise your questions, if you want to...  (always at your disposal, my dear...)

I think it's definitely well worth writing an original, subtle poem than solving an intricate, difficult aenigma: it's simply much more amusing and gratifying, and this due to one reason: while other 100 people might have the possibility to solve the aenigma, you can't say the same for the poem and/or writing. The latter is something which TRULY belongs to you - IT'S YOUR VERY OWN CREATION, something that could be INCREDIBLY YOURS; the former is nothing more than a solved game you have to share with someone else... Well... it's not just the same thing, is it?...


Fancy and imagination are the truest forces inside our mind. You may fail an I.Q. Test as well as you may fail an important admission-exam... What REALLY counts and matters is you never fail by using them: they go forming the pure soul of human intelligence. Without them you'll be no longer able to stand on your feet or sarcasticly laugh at the mad world... Simply: you have a soulless brain, a body with no thinking and no emotion, definitely DEAD, like a zombie..


Fancy is meant to be something TOTALLY unpredictable, that goes beyond any Test or judgement, critic or dismay. It's the supreme weapon to use against dullness and stupidity. Fancy is all but something quantifiable, an often obscure force which enables you to briefly step into madness and irrationality and, then, after a second,  go back to reality and consciousness. Well... HOW can you demonstrate to value and measure ALL THOSE "steps"... That's IMPOSSIBLE, PLAIN impossible........



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