I have been stupid a lot of times, much more than you think...

and I have also many regrets... but I don't care... whoever

says "I have not been stupid... I've always been perfect

and I have no regrets..." is definitely the most stupid, dumbest

and insignificant person you can bump into, for sure....


Music is for the people... a little music is for the dumbest ones...

too much music is for THE GREAT ONES... and... well......

listening to music no-one would ever dare to listen to is for THE GENIUSES!!...


...who cares if I die young (fingers crossed, please... yours

as well, darling...!!) and I don't become famous or world-wide

adored... someone else, in my place, will spread around the world

my poetries, thoughts and tales... and if he or she doesn't...

who cares...?... I will find myself someone up there to tease

with my poetries, thoughts and tales..... and me, of course....... ah-ah...


Life is expressive. Life is expression. Life is a BITCH.

She sells herself to the Evil and after a spit of a second

she comes back to you like a starving woman who madly

needs to be fed .... The benefit is: NEVER trust her....


Life hurts... but you can hurt better than anyone else..!!...


I don't wish you to go to Hell, darling... It might be quite a

comfortable, amusing place..........too an easy, unpainful sorrow...


It's the worst a man or a woman can get... SUCH a terrible

disease...... pure synonym of Evil...... it can bite, hurt and

murder at the same time... BE AWARE OF THIS......

Maybe scientists have just found a new cure for the

cancer... but unfortunately they have not found a remedy

for this dreadful disease, yet... Who knows whether they ever will......


The secret is in your.... secret arrogance, not in your

so-called "good luck"... keep it stocked inside your

ego, and when someone dares to despise you or simply

offends you, bring it out to the light...... and get him

blinded........ he won't see anymore... he won't judge

anymore... he won't... eventually....!!!...


I have always thought when you die your spirit is split

in two: one half goes to Heaven, and the other half

sits down on a bench in the middle of a weird but

unbelievably fascinating park while peacefully waiting

for a new destination in a new life........

That's cool... isn't it?....


The problem with people is they can scream at you

and say you' re totally crazy--- well... that's the

focus-point..... they have the courage to admit you're

crazy... but they don't have the courage to admit you

may be a PLAIN GENIUS...!!......


To be yourself is the REAL, UNIQUE matter that counts, in life...

It can be seen, as I see it, as a sort of extremely engaging com-

mitment... You might be a genius, a totally out-of-common-range-

person or you might be a totally ordinay human-being... but, mind you,

if you are not yourself, well... you have already started stepping into your grave.......


People who forget to laugh or simply force themselves to

deny the meaning of laugh (which is, apparently, even worse)

do not deserve to step on this Planet... they'd better "retire"

from life and disappear, because they can murderously affect

and, then, infect sane people, with the evil purpose to convert

them into deeply unhappy and pathetic prototypes with no

aspirations for the future....... whatever happens to you

try to end the day with a sarcastic, deafening, loud laugh

as a warning to the world that you're not dead, and, most of

all, that you're not intended to vanish at all...... this gives you

such a satisfaction that will make you get to stand on your feet....

proudly and majestically........ THAT is supposed to be the only,

real effective medicine against evil people.

...but... am I asking too much?...


The word GENIUS risks to have no meaning in a very

next future: it will be synonym of UNLOGIC..... because

the GENIUS IS unlogic... it's the most unlogical matter

existing on the Planet Earth....

The Logic is for the quiet, normal and modest ones;

Genius is for insane, unlogical and border-line-addicted-people....


Life is a strange, extremely abstract thing, in my very humble opinion:

it's always appeared to me as a huge puzzle that, at

the very beginning of our existence get destroyed and

squandered in billions of billions of billions of pieces;

as life goes on, we have the duty of trying to find and

subsequently match all the missing pieces...... it might

be very hard and exhausting at times and it has a lot

of secret doors of which we often do not have the key...

and when you manage to get through one of these doors

well...you unwittingly fall asleep.... and the following day,

gosh!!.... you'll have to start all over again...!!!...


My mott is: if you create something great or particularly

ingenious, but before puttin' it hidden in a safe place, it

gets destroyed or lost (whether it is caused by your negligence

or by others' mistakes), there's only ONE definite solution:

DO NOT think at all, start all over again and go ahead as if

you were an over-excited raging bull; there is your mission:

to get better the better, to get better the best you can,

you have no choice: take it or leave it. And... of course,

I always take it!!... and the final result will be nothing more than a

stunning piece of work, only done three times better than the previous one....!!...


Following my instinct, in my opinion Devil is much more than an

evil-spirited soul. Devil is definitely something we won't ever

get to fully know... My very own interpretation is that of

a sort of invisible entity 24 hours a day-365 day per year-

active: he just tremendously enjoys himself to pass from one

body to another. I mean: every bad attitude or evil behaviour

we have or experience is mainly due to Devil's presence in our

souls... He acts very cleverly while we faintly get overwhelmed, until

the moment he decides to leave our body in order to get through

another one with the main goal of poisoning innocent souls...

........ Every nevrosis, or every crazy gesture, or even some suicide

and/or murder could be linked to the demoniac figures.... We are

not able at all to handle this precarious situation, unless we have

such a strong-minded personality, but it's really really hard to find in ourselves.....



I like quarrelling. I like discussing a lot with people. I like

provoking them and I like getting despised, slated, sometimes

even heavily misunderstood. Noooo... this is NOT sado-masochism...

This is ONLY ME AND MYSELF... By acting like this, you get

power, and then more and more power, until you become unbeatable

....... at this relevant stage, my persona will no longer feel no harm....

It's kinda nice, quite dangerous but nice, after all.....

Would you try yourself, one of these days?...




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