Whisper, give me another glimpse of breath, till the dawn falls on your eyes

betrayed by thousands of lies, let the sunshine come and wrap your undefended

body, I won't leave you to the raging, raw night, harsh harsh affairs they no

longer belong to you, I'll be promising you what you deserve to be promised,

ooh, I know... you can't even distinguish the day from the night, and love from

hate, let me sing my passion for you, just give me your secret smile, as warm

and yearning as your long long tears... blue eyes for a blue life, you're trembling,

and I am, too, I can't help watching your wawing lips, those lips that have never

felt the taste of real infatuation... I won't allow you to sell your immaculate

beauty to sinners and gamblers, swines or unfaithful husbands... let your

persuasive, wondrously faint voice rest on my unconfessed thoughts... you start

crying, such a quiet, smooth crying that soon turns into flooding weeping....

you can't stop, all I can do is to hug you as strong as I can, and disruptively

kissing you... before the night trees fall on our unbelievable naivety.........

...just let's let wind blow our impossible love far from this dirty, sin

corner..... and we will leave our agony and fears here, taking us to flight.......

wherever we wish to go.......

wherever the destiny does not divide our roads or our spirit..........

Farewell, my darling... I'll be singing your name... for the eternity...

I'll let my weeping thoughts blow away... once more.... before I fade away

together with the always unpredictable, obscured night paths............




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