Parents, such a difficult concept, they're such a poisoned ingestion,

they try to teach you how to rule the world but they can't rule

themselves, they want the absolute from you but they are not

even decent, parents... they say what is blasphemy but you realise

THEY are blasphemy, they tell you it's better to socialize and get

on well with people, but they keep ignoring you; they won't teach

you bad words, only the good ones; pretty soon they throw their

anger and present failures by attacking you and insulting you.

They unpleasantly and arrogantly point out your mistakes... of

course they made none, while you've made lots of them, you ask

why and they reply "go to bed, little useless pest". They maniacally count

the kms reported on your dashboard, but they're totally uncapable to count

the wounds and nightmares which have settled down into your head.

They love talking to people you despise, and they firmly believe in

the society you hate and that has been avoiding you since the beginning.

They keep praising your brother, while you just get all their bad sides

and bad moods, you are the eternal "nowhere-bound", the mad

monkey left prisoner in a cold, empty cage. You're the shame, while

they are the perfection. They keep touring around the world with

friends and colleagues, while you spend your time over-thinking

about misery and decadence, constantly staring at the ceiling,

waiting for a reason to believe, expecting calls or answers that'll never come.

 They love you SO much, but they are not able to figure out when you

feel low low down... Parents, such a wrong term for a totally

inane, uneven affair, they have raised you up, they told you

about war and starving, old noble arts and the meaning of

life, but it's all a crap, they lived and suffered, they told us

millions of times HOW they lived and HOW they suffered:

why didn't they teach us properly HOW to suffer? What is

the meaning of "suffering" or "living". They betrayed this

concept; and we all feel like being sent to death, prematurely,

without even knowing the exact taste of life, OUR life definitely

compromised, scattered, ignored. From now on this word should

no longer exist: "parents" is an old, archaic term, with no meaning

at all. It's only for boring, narrow-minded over fifty-year-old-

crappy-idiotic-people, a role to be covered by useless blokes with

a useless sense of life.

They should sustain you, but their best sport seems to be tearing

your life apart, shunning you completely, they have no respect at all

towards your dreams and aspirations: what they do is gold, what YOU

do is shit; it all sounds the same to their eyes. They don't ever say

"Oh, welcome back home...." ... they do not miss opportunity to atrociously slate

and put you down, sending your fragile and scattered soul to Hell,

because they DO NOT know what Hell is, they're the Masters and they have

never experienced such anger and pain, they can't realise the meaning of

"loneliness", "desperation" or "paradoxal, deadly misunderstanding".

Parents, yes, PARENTS, the Third Millennium's witches, they're THE

EVIL, just call them "Mrs Sacher-Machers". They are pleased to hurt

your hyper-sensitivity, they never had it, after all....... and they're so

joyfully satisfied of murdering your dreams and expectations: it's

a whole waste of time, they say; it is life for us, WE state.

So... dear friends, listen to me: get yourself all a little corner in this

bloody planet where you can stay and raise up your projects and ambitions:

with your dearest daddy and mummy around, there won't ever be any peace

at all.

There will be NO LIFE, at all.

Please, be parents of yourself....

.....or pretty soon you will die.............




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